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My never-ending To Do List

Oh, let’s see. My life is …. meh. Really meh. So I sit and do not work on the stuff I need to be. No, I sit and read fanfic or dream about Saturday and my lovely ice skating lessons.

I should be:
~working on a massive project that has the possibility of changing my life
~working on my original stories
~working on my Avengers fic series that hasn’t had anything posted in ages, that I have the drafts written for and need to freaking revise, and I just go *poke, poke* at because of Item One and other reasons.
~exercising every day because of above mentioned ice skating lessons. I need to get my body back in order and out of its ‘you’re a former dancer, stand tall and straight’ and get into the ‘you’re a figure skater, bend your knees so you stop falling over!’

I’m forgetting stuff. I know I’m forgetting stuff. Anyone want to add things to my list?

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I love cons. They’re fun.

So there was a fairly large con in my city this weekend. My friends and I did a group costume, and I was a lady Ninth Doctor. My friend L. was my TARDIS in a freaking awesome dress. We also had a Rose and a Donna.

So one of the best parts of the con wasn’t a really good Nine just nodding at me and saying “Doctor” regardless of me being a woman. It wasn’t people recognizing me as the Doctor even when it was just ‘Rose’ and I. It wasn’t the gorgeous Elsa print I bought. No. It was the “fight” a Ten and I got into about how Nine treated Rose, how Ten treated Rose, and how we treated the TARDIS. It was the conversation that went (slightly out of character):

Ten: You acted like a dick-

Me: I can’t be a dick. I have boobs!

Cue laughter from pretty much everyone standing around as the two of us tried and failed to stay in character. We re-grouped, continued our ‘argument’ with added input from my TARDIS and my Rose, and were subsequently interrupted by a Dalek.

The whole interaction made my entire day. :-D

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I has a Frozen. :-)

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So I was going to make cottage pie for work next week (I do large batch meals), but then I made a mistake. I went on the ‘French Toast’ tag. Because I wanted to, because I like looking at pictures of food and finding new recipes to attempt.


I think I just mind end up making French Toast instead.

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I changed my theme. I like it a lot better. :-)

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So I took a vacation from work so I could do all the things I needed to have time to do and didn’t. Because work means going to work and not staying home and working on things to hopefully improve my future.

I forgot about the Olympics.

Needless to say, my entire To Do list is now precisely two items long. One, watch all the figure skating. Two, go ice skating.

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Please ignore any high-pitched, stressed-out ramblings from this little corner of the Internet. Thanks!


I have way too much to do and not enough time.

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Why does everything make me want to cry? And I mean everything.

Read something funny? Cry.
Read something sad? Bawl.
Talk to someone for five minutes, having a lovely conversation, be alone for not even a minute after the conversation ends and the person walks away? Cry.
Someone wants to have a conversation? Cry.
Look at a picture of something pretty? Cry.
See something I enjoy? Cry.

I don’t know whether it’s the stress, hormones, a mix? I’m just tired of my default state being “Let’s pretend to be happy all. the. time. when what I really want to do is latch onto someone and cry myself out in their arms.”

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Like this swirling storm inside…..

I need to buy myself a tiny whiteboard so I can write my daily ‘to do’ list on it. Then I will take great satisfaction when I cross things off as I get the tasks accomplished. And at the end of the night, erase the thing to start all over the next day.

That is how I will get this monumentally crazy thing done. I have way too much to do, nowhere near enough time to do it all, and I’m losing my mind to the stress.

Anyone have any good methods of de-stressing? Right now all I have is tea, reading fanfic, and watching Babylon 5.


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Everyone probably knew this was coming.

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I was just thinking about these commercials and how I wanted one on my tumblr, and now here it is!

Awkward confession time: whenever I feel like the world is shit and I can’t keep dealing with it, I watch this and/or read about cool science things to remind me that it’s not all bad. 

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i really love this movie 


i really love this movie 

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Everyone thinks of [fairy tales] in terms of poisoned apples and glass coffins, and forgets that they represent girls who walked into dark forests and remade them into their own reflections.
Seanan McGuire, “Indexing”
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*flails* Stockings went live and I have so many more responses than I ever thought I’d get. And I only posted two fills! I feel so inadequate now….

Not really. I do have good reasons - I got sick for over three weeks and work was its usual holiday crazy. But still!

*flails some more* Now I have to respond. What do I say?!

(Please ignore the crazy person posting this. Thanks!)

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Swedish woman finds 2,000-year-old gold ring - The Local →






"…it felt like a gift from the underworld," Lundin told The Local. "It was my magnificent ring. I didn’t want to give it up."



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