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FIC: Shatter (Avengers, Darcy/Loki)

Title: Shatter

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Darcy/Loki

Warning(s): mind control, canon-typical violence

Rating: Teens

Darcy figured she would graduate and move to New York City for her internship at Stark Industries. She never expected SHIELD to show up out of the blue and practically drag her from her everyday life. She never expected to have to help save the world. And she never dreamed that meant working against Loki.

Part 3 of the ‘Glass’ series

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FIC: In the Darkness of These Moments

So I just posted the second story in my Darcy/Loki series “Glass” over on AO3: In the Darkness of These Moments

Summary: As Darcy heals, Loki breaks.

Rating: Teens

Warnings: Torture, Mind Control, Mention of suicide attempt

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FIC: Shine (Thor & Avengers AU)

So here’s the fic for the Journey Big Bang. I posted it today. *flails*

Title: Shine
Fandom: Avengers movieverse
Rating: PG-13/Teen
Word Count: 14,000
Characters: Loki, Darcy, Odin, Laufey, Thor, Jane Foster
Pairings: Loki/Darcy
Warnings: Alternate Universe - Canon divergent, Canon-typical violence
Summary: Loki, son of Odin … and son of Laufey. When Laufey attempts to reclaim him, Loki has no choice but to go into hiding on Midgard. While attending Culver University, he meets a young woman by the name of Darcy Lewis. Things forever change and Puente Antiguo happens very differently.
Author’s Notes: Beta’d by Independence1776. 
Story Notes: Part one of the Glass ‘verse.



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My fic and subsequent panic

So I’ve done a final run-through with a beta of my Journey Big Bang story, the Darcy/Loki one. I post it Monday. Eeek.

I’ve not been actively involved in fandom for many years. But The Avengers invaded my brain and I had to write this series. Series. As in, this is the first fic of seven. Not actively involved in years!

How am I supposed to interact with people when I have been a very happy lurker quite content to read her heart out and not say a word?


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'Cause I totally ship it.



'Cause I totally ship it.

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